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Dev Ops

Full Stack Developer

- JavaScript (NodeJS and Browser)
- Java (Android)
- SQL (Postgres)
The Role

As a Blockchain and Backend Ops at TenX, you will be responsible for the operation of TenX wallet and development of COMIT inter-blockchain protocol in our Austria or Singapore Blockchain Studio. You will be part of the team that creates and operate world-class financial technology with the responsibility to support our growing number of users.

Concept and Responsibilities
  • ● Test driven development and continous delivery
  • ● REST API design
  • ● Building robust and failsafe integrations to various 3rd party APIs

  • ● JavaScript (NodeJS and Browser)
  • ● Java (Android)
  • ● SQL (Postgres)
  • ● Express
  • ● Async
  • ● Sequelize
  • ● Angular
  • ● ReactJS
  • ● RXJava
  • ● AWS
  • ● Docker (deployed using ECS
  • ● Terraform
Salary; Negotation
  • ● Singapore (1 position)
  • ● Austria (1 position)

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Research and Development

Blockchain Researcher

- R, Matlab or Similar
- Full-Time
- Singapore
The Role

As a blockchain research and developer at TenX, you will be responsible for the development of COMIT inter-blockchain protocol. Design the architech and foundation of multi-blockchain real-time exchange protocol.

Concept and Responsibilities

Join the TenX Blockchain team and become a core part of the COMIT Blockchain strategy. Work in small teams with startup mentality to write quality and maintainable code for the underlying protocol component. Surround yourself with leading people/companies in blockchain space in Singapore.

  • ● Overall COMIT protocol architech
  • ● Design and plan the code architech for future prove protocol

Minimum Qualifications
  • ● R, Matlab or similar
  • ● Phd

  • Salary; Negotation
    • ● Singapore (1 position)

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