• TenX Bug Bounty Program

    At TenX we highly value security to keep our users wallets safe and push the crypto ecosystem to a safer more trusted future. To achieve that goal we want to include the community to take part in finding any potential security risks to our system. We encourage independent security researchers to submit vulnerabilities via our responsible disclosure bug bounty program.

    We Urge Submitters to:
    - Give us reasonable amount of time to close any submitted vulnerabilities
    - Not use any other channel to submit vulnerabilities other than the method described below
    - Not damage any TenX users or TenX itself, and not disclose any data found during the process of discovery

    Besides earning a place in our security hall of fame and receiving a free TenX card, every security vulnerability submitted that results in a fix on our side will receive a monetary reward.


    IMPORTANT: Please take note before making your submission!

    In order to be eligible for rewards the following conditions must first be met:
    1. Vulnerabilities must be encrypted using our PGP Public Key
    2. The security vulnerabilities have to be applicable in a real world attack scenario.
    3. The vulnerability has to be demonstrated to our team in a comprehensible/reproducible way.

    The following Table is an estimate for reward amounts (depending on the severity, we might pay out higher rewards):

    Vulnerability Reward
    Remote Code Execution Up to $10,000
    Manipulation of account balance Up to $5,000
    Vulnerability resulting in financial loss (depending on severity) Up to $2,000-$5000
    Loss of privileged information (passwords, API keys, private keys, etc.) Up to $3,000
    Loss of user personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) Up to $1,000
    Authentication bypass Up to $1,000

    Please submit your vulnerabilities encrypted to


    Your TenX Security Team